What is the Moondance International Film Festival?

Popularly known as the “American Cannes”, The Moondance International Film Festival is one of the premier venues for the exhibition and promotion of feature and short films in the US, and one of the leading independent film festivals in the world. It is dedicated to celebrating and sharing with national and international audiences the world’s best in films and screenplays, film scores, and some 25 other genres. The festival features special presentations, retrospectives, workshops, pitch panels, networking events, celebrities, a gala awards ceremony, and film screenings of the world’s top independent films. The Moondance International Film Festival takes place in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

What is the vision of the Moondance International Film Festival?

 Moondance promotes, encourages, educates and rewards non-violent conflict resolution in the arts & film, encourages and inspires writers, composers and filmmakers to make a difference in environmental and social issues with their projects,  and promotes women in film and in the the international film industry.

What are the goals of the Moondance International Film Festival?

One of our major objectives is to identify and address the root causes of violence and contribute to the just and peaceful transformation of violent conflict resolution. The core of conflict transformation is the building of a sustainable peace between all people. This involves a process of profound change in attitude, transforming violent situations into environments in which reconciliation, respect for other people, social justice and participatory democracy can take root.

Through its mission and its films, the Moondance International Film Festival:

  • Facilitates dialogue at different levels and sectors of society in conflict.
  • Encourages and motivating the international community to address the structural causes of conflict.
  • Generates international awareness for the issues and concerns arising out of our work and through the written works and films honored at Moondance, and created by young people, men and women.
  • Opens up an on-going dialogue with creative people on how non-violent conflict resolution can be accomplished and promoted throughout the international entertainment industry.
  • Cultivates an awareness of solutions to violent conflict resolution, honoring creative diversity, developing an intercultural dialogue, and stimulating this creative resource.

What types of films will be featured at the Moondance International Film Festival?

At The Moondance International Film Festival, we look for films that entertain, inform, inspire, encourage and educate, with a unique story, and well-told. We believe that films contribute to a healthier society and that films should encourage audiences to be actively involved in, collectively and individually, addressing social challenges. Moondance screens narrative, documentary, music video and animation films that are innovative, distinctive, compelling and engaging, relevant to varied audiences, and which encourage participation. Our film programs are always diverse, entertaining and enlightening, and of the highest quality. They highlight diverse cultures, opinions, and stories. We welcome individual expression and we are committed to presenting diverse points of view. Moondance aims, to increase awareness by  providing multiple viewpoints, addressing complex social issues, providing forums for deliberation, and strengthening ties between national and international audiences.

Why are Film Festivals so important to our community and our world?

A film festival does much more than make artistic connections – it makes human connections and it helps to break down social barriers. Films are an ideal means of communication across perceived boundaries of race, culture, age and gender. Through its mission, our festival reaches out to people who care about the arts and culture, about society and about the legacy they leave to the next generations. Its success requires dedicated people with the vision and tenacity, educational and financial initiatives that nurture today’s generation artists and sponsors who generously support the festival’s growth and development.

Why does the Moondance need underwriting?

Film festivals need financial underwriting and support for growing costs of event management, equipment  and facilities costs so as to allow them to avoid high registration and ticketing fees, while directing more funding toward event programming and speaker resources that will allow them to continue providing the highest quality, value and return-on-investment possible, as well as offering attendees very special venues, the strongest line-up of popular and professional workshop presenters, A-list celebrities in attendance, productive networking opportunities and screenings of the best independent films available anywhere.

Why support the Moondance International Film Festival?

The Moondance brand is a well-respected film festival event and annual competition, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Each year it brings in from 1000-5000+ attendees from Colorado, the US and around the world to view unique films that deserve a voice and to be seen by a wide variety of audiences. Film producers, directors and indie film buffs come to Boulder to meet the filmmakers, see the films and even share their own aspirations for filmmaking, screenwriting & music composition. Our overhead is managed very carefully so that we can maintain low ticket prices to broaden our reach. So by sponsoring The Moondance Film Festival, you let your colleagues, clients, customers and constituents know, in an important way, that you support the preservation and revitalization of our intangible heritage, creative diversity and intercultural dialogue. By supporting this well-regarded international film festival you showcase your brand and its products or services in an unprecedented way, and on a scale virtually guaranteed to garner local, national and global media and public attention.

Cities, states, tourist & development departments, individual donors and major corporations now see themselves as pro-active sponsors of entertainment events. They have an increased understanding of the value of these events in terms of audience participation and see a return on investment in the form of local and national economic impact, strategic marketing value, and community engagement. Be a community partner in the arts!

How can you support the Moondance International Film Festival?

Sponsorships, in-kind donations, and/or investing in the 2014 film festival, and promoting your local, national, international and/or regional brand at Moondance, will greatly benefit you and your company, from an association with the overall concept of this well-attended festival.

Who are the Sponsors, Donors & Friends of Moondance?

Sponsors, donors and friends of Moondance

What are the Moondance International Film Festival sponsorship categories?

The following sponsorship categories can support the overall festival, or be linked to “ownership” of specific festival venues and events. Companies or individuals may also choose to become our presenting sponsor with enhanced benefits and title credit, or may prefer to provide sponsorship of specific venues or special events.

Sponsorships at certain contribution levels allow for distribution of services, goods and promotional literature at the Festival’s Hospitality Center and to Festival attendees, pass-holders and staff. Each of the sponsorship levels in which a corporation or individual participants will have their name, and/or logo, included and  promoted on the Moondance website’s Sponsor pages, prominently for one year!

What are the Benefits to a Moondance Sponsor?

The Moondance International Film Festival provides its sponsoring partners with a full spectrum of marketing visibility. The Presenting Sponsor is the marquee sponsor with premier visibility and top billing. The other important levels of sponsorship provide varying levels of promotion, all of which are designed to afford the corporation or individual maximum visibility, both at the festival and in mailings, media releases and the print program.

Festival attendees and recipients of The Moondance International Film Festival information and promotions are in the unique position of being involved in the decision-making as well as creative side of the industry. Exposure of your products and services in this arena will reach the local, national and international film & entertainment market you seek.

Since your company’s sponsorship is promoted for a full year, your marketing dollar receives maximum return on investment and enhanced visibility. As the Moondance International Film Festival continues to grow, this benefit will become even more valuable in the future.