The Moondance winners’ star award

The Moondance winners’
star award

The Moondance star awards are created exclusively for Moondance by famed Colorado metal artist, Charlotte Zink, of Zink Metal Art.

After the awards are announced, you may download the Moondance laurels for which you are eligible for: winner, finalist. semi-finalist, selected film & audience favorite. Only winners in all categories may also download the image of the Moondance Star Award. 

Moondance promotes the winners’ and finalists’ work and tries to get it sold, agented, distributed or optioned. If you win or are a Moondance finalist, you get promoted to ALL of the companies like these. Also, check out the prodco sponsors who have asked to be sent all the finalists’ work to be read & considered for roduction: Plus Films, American Zoetrope, Gruenberg, and One-Eyed Dog productions, which is run by Meg LeFauve, former president of Egg Pictures, Jodie Foster’s company.

Francis Ford Coppola optioned a Moondancer’s screenplay recently. Jodie Foster requested the 2001 finalists’ screenplays for consideration. Moondance filmmakers are promoted in the same way. One winner was invited to screen her film at Cannes, got a 3-picture deal and is in Australia now, doing the films. Other films were purchased or previewed by Sesame Street Productions, Lifetime Television, Oxygen Media (Oprah’s cable channel), and 5 were taken by a Singapore channel. More than a dozen Moondance films were recently purchased by KQED-TV, San Francisco, Canal Plus, the Sundance Channel and the Independent Film Channel.

Being a Moondance winner, finalist, semi-finalist or quarter- finalist looks great on your credits/resume. Many of the companies call for even quarter-finalists’ work, and past years Moondance winners’ work is always promoted.

Your status is announced on the Moondance e-newsletter, which goes out to over 25,000 film industry names, worldwide. It’s announced on the website, and stays there for a year or more.

Winners’ & selected finalists’ films will be available for viewing at Vimeo. Not all finalist films will be posted on Vimeo.. has generously offered all Moondance feature screenwriter winners a free listing of their screenplay on the website and an announcement in their newsletter!

Many other newsletters, such as,, Reel, Hollywood Lit Sales&, announce the Moondance winners to their extensive mailing lists.

People just want to win the Moondance because it’s known in the world film industry that all of our winners are A-1, top picks, and the best of the best!