What is the Moondance International Film Festival?

Popularly known as the “American Cannes”, The Moondance International Film Festival is one of the premier venues for the exhibition and promotion of top-quality feature and short films in the US, and is one of the leading independent film festivals in the world. It is dedicated to celebrating and sharing with national and international audiences the world’s best in films and screenplays, film scores, and some 25 other genres. The festival features special presentations, retrospectives, workshops, pitch panels, networking events, celebrities, a keynote speaker from the international entertainment industry, a gala awards ceremony & reception, and film screenings of the world’s top independent films. The Moondance International Film Festival has been held, to great success, in various major cities in the US, including Los Angeles, Hollywood and New York City. The 2016 Moondance event will be our 17th annual film festival,

 What is the vision of the Moondance International Film Festival?

Moondance promotes, encourages, educates, and rewards non-violent conflict resolution in the arts & film, encourages and inspires writers, composers and filmmakers to make a difference in environmental and social issues with their projects, and promotes talented women in film in the international film & entertainment industry.

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