As Moondance’s founder, executive director & artistic director, I have had the rare pleasure of personally previewing and judging every single film, reading all screenplays and other written works, and listening to all music and film scores submitted to the annual competition.

I have selected all the films to be screened and all the winners in every category, and have done so, with great success, from the very first Moondance, in 2000.

I do not travel to other film festivals looking for films to invite. In the rare event that a very special film is invited to be screened at Moondance, it is clearly labeled as “invited”, and it can have no chance of winning an award. Only submitted films have that opportunity.

When submitting your work to the Moondance annual competition, you can be 100% assured that it will be carefully previewed and judged fairly.





~~Elizabeth English
Founder, Executive Director, Artistic Director
Moondance International Film Festival