• DVDs in NTSC or Blu-ray format for US viewing are the preferred format for submitting film entries to the competition. PAL formatted DVDs are also accepted. Please note running time (TRT) on the DVD.
  • Digital online submissions are also welcome. Please remember to include the password or code for viewing your film online, as needed.
  • Films in foreign languages are very welcome, but if not in the English language must have English subtitles. No dubbed films will be accepted.
  • Please preview your film before submitting it, to make sure it plays correctly!
  • Include a brief logline or synopsis of the film’s subject matter/storyline.
  • NO PAPER LABELS ON DVDS! Print your film’s info directly on the DVD. DVDs with paper labels often will not play, or skip, stick and pixilate. INFO NEEDED: film title, director’s name, total running time of film (TRT), and email contact info.
  • If your film is submitted & previewed online, and is selected for screening at the film festival, you’ll be contacted to send us a DVD.



  • Send written submissions in standard film industry format, plus a brief logline and one-page synopsis. The script logline and synopsis can be attached in the script, after the title page. Please have the writer’s name and contact info (including e-mail address) on the title page. Short stories do not need a synopsis.
  • Digital online submissions are also welcome, but not preferred.
  • For original scripted TV pilots, please send the pilot script, a logline and one-page synopsis of the pilot, one page of loglines or mini-synopses of several subsequent episodes, and title page with your contact info. You may bind the entire package in with the pilot script.
  • You may submit up to three short stories with a single entry form and for a single entry fee, and you are encouraged to send at least three.



  • Spec CDs accepted. The music does not have to have been produced or used in a film. Send music CD and NTSC format DVD, if the film with your music has been produced. Digital online submissions are also welcome.


  • Spec audio/radio play scripts and/or produced radio plays on CD accepted. Digital online submissions are also welcome.



  • Pay the entry fee via the Moondance PayPal account, or send a check or money order for entry fee in US $, which is non-refundable, payable to: Moondance Film Festival.
  • Foreign submissions: Pay the entry fee via the Moondance PayPal account or send an international money order/cheque or international postal money order in US $.


  • See this season’s dates on the website. The postmark date is not the deadline date for the submission to be received. If you submit via WAB, you still need to observe the postmark deadline, in reference to the correct entry fees for each postmark deadline.



  • Contest winners will be announced prior to the festival and awards will be presented to the winners during the Moondance Film Festival awards ceremony. The finalists and winners will also be announced in the Moondance newsletter blog, and the winning entries will be posted on the Moondance website. No individual e-mail or letter announcements to finalist or winners will be sent out. It’s up to you to read the newsletter blog and check the website for the status of your submission. Subscribe now to the news-blog HERE!



  • Send a copy of written material, DVD, PAL DVD, or music CD. DO NOT send originals nor an SASE, as submitted material for previews cannot be returned.
  • You may enter more than one written work, film, or CD. There is no limit on how many entries you may submit, but each entry must have a separate entry form and entry fee. You may send multiple submissions together in one package.
  • Short-story writers are encouraged to submit up to three (3) short stories for a single entry fee. Up to three short stories may be listed on a single entry form.
  • Films, music and written works may on spec (not produced) or produced. They may have been written or filmed any time, any year. Stageplays may be submitted even if they have been produced on stage, or published. Short stories may be submitted in book form, if published. Radio plays may submitted even if they have been previously broadcast or podcast online.
  • All submissions received will be acknowledged via email. Include the emails for all individuals named on the entry form who may be interested in learning the results of the competition.
  • Do not send promotional material, media kits, or film stills with your submission. If your film is selected for screening, we will request the film stills at that time.
  • Screenplays, stage plays, teleplays, radio plays, lyrics, librettos and short stories may be written in English or translated into English for submission to competitions.
  • We have readers for scripts in several languages: Spanish, German, Africans, and Dutch. If you wish to submit a script in a language other than English, please contact, with MIFF FOREIGN LANGUAGE in the subject line and we will give you the address for sending the script or stories.
  • Feature, short, documentary and animation film entries may be submitted by the screenwriter, director, producer, production company, distributor, animator, editor, lead actor(s), film score composer and/or cinematographer.
  • Read, sign and submit entry form and release form. If you submit your project via, you do not need an official entry form nor release form.
  • Please do not send your submissions in kapok or shredded-paper-filled envelopes! It can ruin a DVD or CD, and it gets all over the Moondance office and staff. Do not fill a box with non-recyclable Styrofoam peanuts! Use bubble-wrap or bubble-wrap-filled envelopes or boxes only. Moondance recycles!
  • Moondance reserves the right to decline selecting a semi-finalist, finalist or winner in any category and at any stage of the judging if there are no acceptable entries or finalists in that category.



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 We look forward to previewing your submission!

E-mail director for any additional questions:

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