DR. LINDA SEGER     Master Class Presenter

Friday Noon-2:PM           Driftwood Room


Making a good script great is more than just a matter of putting a good idea on paper in proper screenplay format. It requires the working and reworking of that idea. This popular master class by a very successful Hollywood “script doctor” takes you through the whole screenwriting process – from initial concept through final rewrite – providing specific methods that will help you craft tighter, stronger, and more saleable scripts. If you are writing your first script, this master class will help develop your skills for telling a compelling and dramatic story. If you are a veteran screenwriter, it will help you articulate the skills you know intuitively. And if you are currently stuck on a rewrite, Dr. Seger will help you analyze and solve your script’s problems and get it back on track. She presents the craft of successful screenwriting principles clearly and succinctly, with familiar examples, and enables the writer to approach his or her own writing much more confidently. (Workshop seating is limited to 25)

Dr. Linda Seger

Dr. Linda Seger

Dr. Linda Seger is a successful screenwriting coach and script consultant best known for her unique & powerful method of analyzing & improving movie scripts. She has consulted on over 2000 screenplays & over 100 produced films & television shows. She has presented her seminars in 33 countries on six different continents, including seminars for ABC, CBS, NBC, major film studios & Hollywood production companies. She is the author of twelve books, including the bestselling Making A Good Script Great, Creating Unforgettable Characters, and Writing Subtext. Director Ron Howard has endorsed Making a Good Script Great, saying he has used this book to inform all of his movies, beginning with Apollo 13. Linda Seger is also the recipient of the Moondance International Film Festival’s prestigious Living Legacy Award, for her ongoing support of women in the film industry.