Special Promotional Opportunities Available!


Moondance International Film Festival is proud to acknowledge the cooperation and generous financial sponsors, whose enthusiastic partnerships and dynamic participation make the Moondance International Film Festival possible.

Sponsorship categories for corporations are generally linked to “ownership” of festival venues and events. Companies may choose to become our presenting sponsor with enhanced benefits and title credit, or may prefer to provide sponsorship of specific venues or events.

Sponsorships at certain contribution levels allow for distribution of goods and literature at the Festival’s Hospitality Center and to Festival guests, pass-holders and staff. Each of the sponsorship levels in which a corporation or individual participates will include their name and/or logo promoted through the end of the year following the current festival..


Moondance International Film Festival provides its sponsoring partners with a full spectrum of marketing visibility. The Presenting Sponsor is the marquee sponsor with premier visibility and billing. The other levels of sponsorship provide varying levels of promotion, all of which are designed to afford the corporation maximum visibility both at the festival and in mailings, press releases and the print program.

Festival attendees and recipients of Moondance International Film Festival material are in the unique position of being involved in the decision-making as well as creative side of the industry. Exposure of your products and services in this arena will reach the international film & entertainment market you seek.

Since your company’s sponsorship is promoted for a full year, your marketing dollar receives maximum return and visibility. As the Moondance International Film Festival continues to grow, this benefit will become even more valuable in the future.


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