SANDRA & JOSEPH CONSENTINO  Master Class Presenters

Saturday Noon-2:PM             Evergreen Room

Film editing is an art that can be used in diverse ways. It can create provocative montages; become a laboratory for experimental cinema; bring out the emotional truth in a story or subject matter; create a point of view of events; guide the telling and pace of a story; create an illusion; give emphasis to things that would not have otherwise been noted; and even create a vital subconscious emotional connection to the viewer, among many other possibilities.In this important master class, you will learn about post-production(Editing): selecting your non-linear editing system – AVID, Final Cut Pro & etc., researching and licensing stills and video, scanning still images and bringing videotape into the non-linear editing system and edit for order and length. You’ll also learn about how to prepare the script for the narration (voice-over), selecting the music composer or stock music and sound effects (as needed), adding titles and graphics where needed, & adding in creative end-credits, images, sound, foley, dubbing, special effects, background ambience, film score music, lab work, & color correction. (Workshop seating is limited to 25)

Joseph Consentino

Joseph Consentino

For 30 years, network and cable television documentary specials produced and directed by Sandra and Joseph Consentino have received numerous awards in American television and International Film Festivals. Included are three EMMY Awards, an Academy Award “Short Narrative Film” nomination, Canada’s prestigious HOT DOCS AWARD, and numerous CABLE ACE, TELLY and CINE Awards. Among the Consentino’s award-winning documentaries are TNT’s “Muhammad Ali: The Whole Story”; “Family Values: The Mob & the Movies” and History Channel’s mini-series, “Mouthpiece: Voice for the Accused.”  Their History Channel 2-hour documentary “Baghdad Diary” on the Iraqi war and it’s aftermath, received awards at ten international film festivals. The film was also awarded “Best Documentary” at Moondance and the Columbus International Film Festivals.

In 1991, Joseph Consentino was director and cameraman for the controversial PBS Sandra Consentinodocumentary “Days of Rage: The Young Palestinians,” which drew that year’s largest audience on American public television. In 1997, Director/Editor Sandra Consentino was awarded the CABLE ACE AWARD for “Outstanding Documentary Editing” for the TNT special “Muhammad Ali: The Whole Story”. Sandra also received an EMMY Award for editing the NBC documentary special “Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie.” In Sandra’s career, she’s edited over 300 documentaries, commercials and independent feature films. In 2004, multiple EMMY Award winner Joseph Consentino, a former professional baseball player in the Boston Red Sox organization, founded The Ridgefield Playhouse Film Society and was named artistic director.