Interactive workshop for writers, filmmakers & composers!

Sunday, September 4th, 1-3:PM • Al fresco, on the St. Julien Patio • $50

Presented by Elizabeth English

Have a fabulous, unique idea for a movie or a story? That’s wonderful, but you need to know how to turn your great story into a great logline, with a sizzling title. There is and always has been only one real secret to success in the entertainment industry. Tell a great story. Period. And you need to figure out how to tell that fabulous story in only 25 words or less! You need to learn how to get your script or film idea enthusiastically read by an agent and then a producer, director, distributor, and actors. Learn what they look for in a title and logline. Your first impression to these movers and shakers is all about the fine art of pitching your film or screenplay, your TV series concept or story idea, via your eye-catching title and logline.



A great title for your film or screenplay is the first (and maybe only) introduction to an agent, a producer, director, film distributor, or studio. “You’ve got 3 minutes; pitch me what you’ve got,” is what you’ll hear from the entertainment industry movers & shakers who might buy your project. But you probably wouldn’t even get that meeting, or a reply to your query letter, if you didn’t have an interesting title and logline that caught their eye.

You can often find that great, eye-catching title within your screenplay text, and then write a sizzling logline to go with it. Know how to “dress” your script for success, make it stand out from all the others, and get it noticed in the first round.STARFISH


3-4:PM, Sunday, September 4th, St. Julien patio

Presented by JJ Osburn, VP of Monarex Hollywood


Learn all about documentary filmmaking in China, in this unique, interactive workshop. JJ Osbun, Vice President of Monarex Hollywood, will provide an overview & insider tips on what goes into choosing subjects, funding, planning for production, filming, and post-production. With 18 films in the Mysterious China Series, Monarex has extensive experience in focusing on the ins and outs of successfully producing films in the very lucrative film market in China.

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