Flatirons & GreenbeltBoulder’s famous Flatirons Peaks & Greenbelt, less than a mile from downtown!

We look forward to seeing you here, and to productive

and entertaining opportunities for us all.


STARFISHFLYING IN? Travel to the Denver International Airport (DEN). There is an RTD shuttle bus from the airport to Boulder, or there are free hotel shuttles to Boulder. You may also want to rent a car at the airport & get a map to Boulder, or use your GPS. Taxis & limos are also available, but expensive, as the airport is about 50 miles from Boulder.STARFISH

DRIVING IN? If you’re a member, AAA has good maps. Highway I-70 goes to Denver, and then highway 36 goes straight from Denver to Boulder (about 30 miles). Highway 36 becomes 28th street once in Boulder city limits. Turn west (toward the mountains) on Canyon Blvd. to Broadway or 9th street, and turn right to reach the downtown area on Pearl street.

STARFISHCOMING BY TRAIN? Take the Amtrak to Denver’s Union Station.

Take the bus to Denver’s 16th Street Station, then transfer to the bus to Boulder.

COMING BY PRIVATE PLANE? Fly into the Boulder Airport.STARFISH

Early autumn in beautiful Boulder is always nice. We have about 360 days of sunshine & blue skies around the year, even during the winter! The temperatures range from 60°-70° F in the daytime, and maybe 45°-50° F early mornings, after the sun goes down behind the mountains & in the evening. Sweater or light jacket weather.

STARFISHPACKING: WHAT TO WEAR? Boulder & Moondance are very casual, so almost anything goes! You might want to dress up a little for the networking parties and especially for the photo-ops at the awards ceremony & reception.

STARFISHSPECIAL NOTES: Beautiful Boulder is nestled in a lovely valley right in the foothills of the magnificent Rocky Mountains, and is at an altitude of about 6000’. A couple of aspirins upon arrival will help avoid that potential altitude headache, if you’re coming from sea-level. There’s very little humidity here, so good face & body lotion is a necessity. Sunglasses are usually needed outside, since it’s almost always sunny & bright. Remember to keep hydrated in this dry air. Eldorado Springs Water is our locally famous drink, and its million-year old 100% clean water from a glacier, filtered through a granite mountain, with zero chemical additions or pollutants! The historic drinking fountain in the lobby of the Hotel Boulderado also has this same glacier water.

STARFISHWEED? Yes, marijuana is sold legally in Colorado, and there are many pot shops in Boulder, but remember you can’t take it with you back home on an airplane.

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