Congratulations, 2014 Moondance finalists!


Thanks a million for all the wonderful submissions again this season!

Moondance 2014 winners in all  categories & genres will be announced, & awards presented, at the 15th annual gala Oscar’s-style awards ceremony & reception, September 28th, to be held in a lovely, Victorian mansion & garden, with a sumptuous array of gourmet, all-natural buffet of hors d’oeuvres & desserts, Colorado wines & beers, cocktails, and live music in the gazebo! A special award will be presented to our celebrity guest, Giancarlo Esposito, co-star of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” and NBC’s “Revolution”.

2014 Moondance laurels for finalists can be downloaded HERE!

Selected films for screening at the festival will be announced soon. Please note: Not all film finalists were selected for screenings.


  • 5 Ways to Die, Daira Papadaki
  • 8.3 , Eli Stern
  • A Moonlight Goodbye, Jay Jang
  • A Small September Affair (Bi Küçük Eylül Meselesi), Kerem Deren
  • After The Flood, Only Love Remains, Geoff Ryan
  • Agave Is Life, David Brown & Meredith Dreiss
  • Arena, Natalie Metzger
  • Asta, Olivier Koos
  • Back To The 80’s!, Ian Kellett
  • Beyond The Walls, Gayle Embry
  • Bratri (The Brothers), Halle Lucas
  • Carry On, Yatao Li
  • Change The Earth, Gabriel Nicolau
  • Draussen Ist Wo Du Nicht Bist, Friederike Hoppe (We Are Outside Playing In The Garden)
  • Earth, Hell, Heaven (Erde, Hölle, Himmel), Pennie Hunt
  • Emergence, Kerinne Jenkins
  • From The Sky, Ian Ebright
  • High Hopes, Guy Davidi
  • Horse For Sale, Katarzyna Kochany
  • Kertu: Love Is Blind, Ilmar Raag
  • Look Closer, Chris Schwab
  • Look Up!, George Barnes
  • Mesiaciky (Monthlies), Diana Fabianova
  • My Shanghai, P. H. Wells
  • Omul, Brigitte Drodtloff
  • One Small Hitch, John Burgess
  • Oracles Of Pennsylvania Avenue, Tim Wilkerson
  • Pain Staking, Adolfo M. Perez
  • Power Paths, Bo Boudart
  • Reel Herstory: The Real Story Of Reel Women Parts I & Ii, Ally Acker
  • Robert Downey, Jr., Marcos Villasenor
  • Running Deer, Brent Ryan Green
  • Scales Of Luck, Fortune, And Longevity, Le Le Wang-Burns
  • String Theory, Jonathan Pezza
  • The Butterfly’s Dream (Kelebegin Ruyasi), Yilmaz Erdogan
  • The Debt, Mahmoud Shoolizadeh
  • The Heebie-Jeebies, Todd Slawsby
  • The Invaders, Mark Cabaroy
  • The Ramona Flowers ‘Tokyo’, Bouha Kazmi
  • The Refugees Of Shangri-La, Doria Bramante & Marcus Weinfurter
  • The Right To Shelter, Marcos Villasenor
  • The Roar, Monish Gangwani
  • The Umbrella Factory, Lexie & Nick Trivundza
  • Two And A Quarter Minutes, Joshua Ovalle
  • Under The Same Sun, Sameh Zoabi
  • Unplugged, James Zachary
  • Unveiled, Courtney Harmstone
  • Voyage, Alex Oliver
  • Walking In Two Worlds, Bo Boudart & Wanda Culp
  • Well, Now You’re Here, There’s No Way Back, Regina Russell
  • What If, Mike Garrick
  • When I Was Young, I Said I Would Be Happy, Lori Leyden
  • Your Place? (Zu Dir?), Sylvia Bussmann


  • A Certain Charm, Betty Ellington-Smith
  • Baker’s Care, Jeana Hackman Grady
  • Celebrity Mob Apprentice, Michael Bavota
  • Desert Rain, M. Colleen Burns
  • Dogged, Genevieve Davis
  • Firebird, Kathryn Machi
  • Hope and a Wish, Doug Nelson
  • Lobster Fra Diavolo, Jane Barbara
  • Love in the Cellular Age, Donna Blackwell Cooper
  • Magic of the Moon, Berith Schistek & Karl Benedikter
  • The Dream-Catcher’s Ranch, Michael F. Bavota, Kaylea Grace Trumbull & Tracy Roese
  • When You Wish, Troy Graham
  • Wild Sky, Andrea Ashton
  • Wild World, Deepak Arora


  • Botticelli’s Angels, Gemma Mills McGrath
  • Nellie, Gino Matteo
  • Polar Bear, Alexander Norton
  • Something Light to Carry, Betty Ellington-Smith


  • The Studio, Lester Colodny
  • A First-class Present, Philippa Rae


  • My Shanghai, Jonathan Geer
  • October Melody, Tom Gannaway
  • Red Krokodil, Alexander Cimini
  • The Butterfly’s Dream (Kelebegin Ruyasi), Rahman Altin
  • Winter Morning, William B. Bennett


  • Stingray: Deep Sea Rescue, Patricia Semler


  • The 5 Realms of the Aubergines, Sable Jak
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles, Matthew J. Elliott


  • Power Paths, Bo Boudart


  • Mert Firat, The Butterfly’s Dream (Kelebegin Ruyasi)
  • Cheng Chang, Carry On
  • John Patrick Lowrie, The Hound of the Baskervilles


  • Catori Crawford, The Invaders
  • Courtney Gardner, The Debt


* Some categories & genres submitted did not have finalists selected