Moondance is proud to screen these innovative and inspirational films during out 2014 festival!



5-ways-2-die15 WAYS TO DIE

Drama/Comedy. Short narrative, directed by Daina Papadaki (Cyprus). Makis explores different ways of death, struggling to achieve the most ideal result. (16 minutes) (In Greek, with English subtitles) SATURDAY, 8:00PM, ALPINE THEATER


PIC- 8.38.3

Drama, short narrative film directed by Eli Stern, (USA). A young, unassuming girl goes on a quiet rampage to try to ‘purify’ the technologically-advanced modern society. She is calculated and rational: every step she takes is thought about ten times before it’s taken. As young filmmakers, this movie was made as a cautionary tale, not supporting the violence, but chastising it, instead. Shakespeare said that one of the purposes of art is to hold a cracked mirror up to all parts of life. And, I hope, in this case, that we showed a completely inappropriate response to personal frustration and conflict, and that is the whole point of the Romeo-and-Juliet-like ending, that her efforts were, indeed, in vain. (9 minutes) SATURDAY, 7:50PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM

A fish storyA FISH STORY

Drama, feature film, directed by Matt Birman (USA). After his sudden and tragic death, a devoted father’s search for heaven brings him back to his distraught family and his isolated lakeside wilderness fishing camp, for a few precious days, but in the body of a wanted man. Starring Sam Roberts. Invited Film  (110 minutes) SUNDAY, 8:05PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



A MoonlightGoodbye_01A MOONLIGHT GOODBYE

Animation, directed by Jay Jang (South Korea). A boy is about to escape his town, leaving his dear old friend, the piano, because of a war approaching. The horrors of war force him to leave but he doesn’t want to leave his piano behind. Just before his departure, he decides to share the last moment with his old piano by playing a song with it for the possibly last time, and one moment, he forgets everything and falls into a beautiful imaginary world. (In Korean, with English subtitles) (3 minutes) SUNDAY, 6:55PM, COLUMBINE THEATER




PIC afterthefloodonlyloveremainsAFTER THE FLOOD, ONLY LOVE REMAINS

Music video, directed by Geoff Ryan (USA). The latest video from husband and wife rustic folk duo Arborea,, ‘After The Flood Only Love Remains’ is from their early 2013 release Fortress of the Sun. The story transports us to a Caribbean jungle where you’re invited into the isolated life of an imaginative young girl; one whose resilience radiates through her lonely hardship. The resiliency of the children who create their own form or normalcy in times of hardship, this film explores the link between love and loss through the imagination and eyes of a child.’ (7 minutes) FRIDAY, 7:00PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Feature documentary, directed by David Brown & Meredith Dreiss (USA), Agave Is Life is an exploration of the amazing history of the beautiful agave plant, the source of tequila, embedded in cultural identity, mythology, art, and ancient rituals of Mexico and the American Southwest. Starting thousands of years ago when hunter-gatherers viewed the hardy desert succulent with it’s myriad uses as a gift from the gods, agave’s story is told through the lens of archaeological, ethnographic and modern day vignettes, closing with concerns about threats to the plant’s future. Once a critical resource for hunter-gatherers living in arid regions of the American Southwest and Latin America, and later playing a role in the rise of ancient civilizations, agave, the buffalo of plants, was a source of food, drink, textiles, fuel, and medicines. This unique desert plant, once embedded in cultural identity, mythology, art, and rituals, faces an uncertain future. (60 minutes) SUNDAY, 7:00PM, ALPINE THEATER



Drama. Short narrative, directed by Natalie Metzger (USA) A fierce study in urban combat condensed to a cage fight. ARENA captures the intense spiraling of corporate social combat inside an ancient stone circle. In contemporary cities, we still feel the concentrated energy of many human wills; the different loves, hopes, and fears colliding and creating urban intensity. Living in cities, we step out of our privacy into an arena of people supporting each other, battling each other, watching each other, meeting each other, taking the measure of each other.  (12 minutes) FRIDAY, 8:40PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM



Drama. Short narrative, directed by Olivier Koos (Luxembiurg). Cabourg, Normandy, 1929, shortly after Black Tuesday. aBritish nobleman checks in at the Grand Hotel with his family. The reason for his visit his 5 year old son is seriously ill and needs treatment. Troubled by their son’s condition and the international stock market crash, the couple faces hard times. Henry seeks refuge at the hotel bar, where he makes the acquaintance of Asta, He quickly falls for her intoxicating flirtations and drawn by the woman’s mysterious aura, he commits adultery, and his “someone” perpetrates an ending with a surprising twist. (In French, with English subtitles) (15 minutes) SATURDAY, 9:30PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Comedy. Short narrative film for kids & teens, directed by Colorado filmmakers Ian Kellett & Lauryn Guerrieri (USA). McGrew, a high school senior living in the 80’s, is accidentally transported into the future: 2013. He must race against the clock to get back to the 80’s before his senior prom. (20 minutes) SATURDAY, 7:50PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM


bagdhad diaryBAGHDAD DIARY

Feature documentary, directed by Sandra & Joseph Consentino, Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmakers (USA). Baghdad Diary is two peoples’ stories about the Iraq war and its aftermath. Up close and personal, the story is told from two unique perspectives: an Iraqi man and his family struggling to survive, and an American television cameraman, who for four years was embedded at the frontlines with the U.S. Army. Baghdad Diary is Fadil Kadom’s and Craig White’s story, videotaped by each of them, at great personal risk. Their cameras reveal the mounting fear, as Iraqi streets turn increasingly deadly. This is their Baghdad Diary, a cautionary tale of war’s human toll. (Invited film) (90 minutes) FRIDAY, 7:00PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM



Feature documentary, directed by Gayle Embrey (USA). Beyond The Walls tells the stories, through murals, as depicted on the walls in the West Bank, Northern Ireland, Liberia, El Salvador, Argentina, Australia, and the United States. Local activists, artists and community participants expand on the issues and conflicts in these areas. The modern mural movement began in the late 1960’s in the United States in response to the Viet Nam War and other social movements. Community murals are created to remember the past, to bring communities together for a common purpose and to speak out about issues of current importance. Murals bring communities together to tell the stories of their life experiences which are often ignored by mainstream media. (91 minutes) SATURDAY, 9:00PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Drama. Short narrative, directed by Halle Lucas (USA). A young boy must prepare for his future as he confronts his older brother’s departure from home. (6 minutes) (InCzech, subtitled in English) SATURDAY, 9:30PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Drama. Short narrative, directed by Yatao Li (China). Carry On tells a story set in Japan-occupied China during World War II. In 1944, the tide turned against Japan and the war began winding down. Prior to their retreat, Japanese troops looted every Chinese village in their path. They took only food and women from these villages, followed by massacring all others and burning everything to the ground. To save his daughter, a Chinese father stuffs her into a large bag disguised as food. As he loads the bag onto the back of a truck along with other bags full of food, a Japanese army officer spots his secret. (In Mandarin, with English subtitles) (17 minutes) SATURDAY, 6:45PM, ALPINE THEATER



Music video, directed by Gabriel Nicolau (Canada). Change the Earth is a unique music video on climate change and the extinction crisis, by Toronto artist Gaiaisi (Gaia’s eye) produced in collaboration with 350, BBC’s Planet Earth, The Climate Reality Project, Greenpeace, and the Rain Forest Action Network. (5 minutes) FRIDAY, 8:05PM, ALPINE THEATER






Dark comedy. Feature narrative film, directed by Nathan Marshall (USA) Wood & Wood has evolved into a vast, corrupt corporation, and top management has gathered at headquarters to await an offer of acquisition that will make them each rich beyond their dreams. The day starts badly when the boss is found hanging from a noose in the boardroom. When management elects to ignore the suicide until their deal has closed, the decision sends the entire office into a death spiral of finger-pointing, deal-making, prophetic PowerPoint presentations and gruesome murders. Those left alive must work together to find a killer before the killer finds them. 

An equal mix of ‘Clue,’ ‘Office Space’ and ‘Ghostbusters’–Coffee, Kill Bossis a comedic-thriller for our times. Invited film. (94 minutes) SUNDAY, 8:10PM, ALPINE THEATER


PIC Earth Hell Heaven #1EARTH, HELL, HEAVEN (Erde, Hölle, Himmel)

Drama. Short narrative, directed by Pennie Hunt (Germany). The Nigerian refugee Faye and her eight-year-old daughter Sia arrive in their new home – a refugee asylum in a remote, conservative village in the Bavarian Forest. While Faye is confronted with the strict rules that will govern her existence within the asylum, the child ventures beyond the asylum in hopes of finding her footing in a game of hopscotch. (In German, with English subtitles)  (14 minutes) FRIDAY, 8:40PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Dance film, directed by Kerinne Jenkins (Australia). “Emergence” reveals the intimate journey of a young man endeavoring, through a passionate dance, to free himself from his inner demons. (9 minutes) SATURDAY, 9:10PM, ALPINE THEATER



Drama. Short narrative, directed by Ian Ebright (USA). A humble father and his troubled son, while tending their herd in the desert, struggle to cope with the devastating effect of drones in the Middle East. (In Arabic, with English subtitles) (18 minutes) FRIDAY, 8:40PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Feature narrative film, directed by Giancarlo Esposito (USA).A former sheriff of a small southern town dealing with past sins, and a former civil rights worker, withdrawn since the martyrdom of his brother thirty years before, confront a threat to their town.The star-studded cast includes Giancarlo Esposito, Angela Bassett, Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Glover and Julia Stiles. The formidable talent and serious intention poured into Giancarlo Esposito’s “Gospel Hill”, is evident in this story, set in a small South Carolina town that 40 years after the fact is still recovering from an unsolved murder. The crime, committed in broad daylight in front of witnesses, remains unsolved because the town’s racist sheriff refused to pursue the case. Invited film. (99 minutes) SATURDAY, 7:00PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Short documentary, directed by Guy Davidi (Israel). Using archival footage, heart-breaking images of Bedouin refugees living under Israeli occupation, who  were forcibly displaced by Israel to a garbage dump, are the focus of this film. During that entire period, the Oslo Peace Process was ongoing, with ‘high hopes’ for peace; while a plan exists to forcibly displace another 3,000 Bedouin from the Jerusalem Periphery, and then subsequently 27,000 Bedouin and other Palestinian herders, in order to expand settlements, and up to 70,000 other Bedouins in the Negev Desert, are to be displaced. The song “High Hopes” as the film’s soundtrack was generously donated by Pink Floyd. (In Hebrew & Arabic, with English subtitles) (15 minutes) SATURDAY, 9:10PM, ALPINE THEATER



Drama. Short narrative film for kids & teens, directed by Katarzyna Kochany (USA). A mysterious letter spurs a young girl to sabotage the sale of her sister’s prize stallion. This family-friendly film is endorsed by The Dove Foundation and KIDS FIRST! (15 minutes) SATURDAY, 7:50PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Drama. Feature narrative film, directed by: Ilmar Raag (Luxembourg). Kertu’s life is totally spoiled by an overbearing father, until she opens her heart to an unlikely dream lover. Villu, the local handyman, wins Kertu’s heart, even though everyone knows him to be a shameless womanizer and hopeless drunk. Villu soon learns that the circumstances of her life are far more cruel than anyone could have imagined, and the young couple is soon challenged to take a stand for the dream they share of freedom and happiness together. (In French, with English subtitles) (98 minutes) SUNDAY, 6:45PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Drama. Feature narrative film, Directed by: Chris Schwab (USA). A talented young man undermines his own success when he meets a charming young woman who opens his eyes to a different way of life & happiness. Talent and a lot of luck brought this 26 year-old man to the brink of stardom in Hollywood. The only thing left for him to do is to make peace with it himself. On a bike ride, he runs into a cute and intelligent young woman. After an instant attraction, she proves to be a plain-living woman, which he favors to his own increasingly chaotic life. (73 minutes) SATURDAY, 10:15PM, ALPINE THEATER



Feature documentary, directed by George Barnes (USA). This shocking film reveals the world’s most dangerous environmental programs ever & going on right now, overhead, – Geo-Engineering: The science that uses airplanes to spray the sky with toxic metals and particles, with the intention of blocking the sun with artificial cloud cover, and forcing climate change, while creating unknown consequences. Those aren’t all benign contrails from commercial jets! As governments continue to emphasize climate change, the experimentation of Geo-Engineering and Stratospheric Aerosol Spray programs continue over our heads & into the air we all breathe, the soil and water we drink. Watch The Film. Get the App. Save the world. (45 minutes) FRIDAY, 8:05PM, ALPINE THEATER



Short documentary, directed by Diana Fabianova (Slovakia). Monthlies is a coming of age story of girls that are about to face a new period of their lives. Along with them the young spectator explores the colorful female world hidden behind the everyday reality. With humor and sensitivity it discloses the history of menstruation, prejudices and the rules of ‘menstrual etiquette’, that still persist almost everywhere, and even in our modern society. Part of the film covers a unique documentary recording of a rare ritual celebrating the first menstruation in the southern part of India, in the Chennai region. A kaleidoscope of other curious and exotic menstrual rituals is shown in a stylized form. (In Slovak, with English subtitles) (30 minutes) SUNDAY, 6:55PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Drama. Short narrative, directed by Daniel DiBella (USA). Through his deepest memories of their childhood together, Nathan begins to understand the true meaning of acceptance, and symbolically displays his new-found empathy for his brother. In a society that often makes it hard to see much further than someone’s social media page, “My Brother’s Hand” shows that there are always greater complexities to someone than what first meets the eye, and that facing these complexities and differences can lead to a deeper affection for that individual. (Invited film) (12 minutes) SATURDAY, 9:30PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Feature Documentary, directed by P.H. Wells (USA). Growing up fast in 1930s Shanghai, the “Paris of the Orient,” Virginia McCutcheon was imprisoned by the Japanese in World War II. Her memory sharp as shrapnel, Virginia, now 92, unleashes her wit and wisdom on love, loss, art and the art of survival in this portrait documentary. (57 minutes) SATURDAY, 6:40PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Feature documentary, directed by Sandra & Joseph Consentino, Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmakers (USA).Cassius Clay, aka Muhammad Ali,is perhaps the greatest champion in the history of boxing. During his career, he truly transcended sports. Talented, exciting charismatic, outspoken and fiercely principled, Ali became the most recognizable face in sports and the world. Muhammad Ali: The Whole Storyprofiles his thunderous life and career, warts and all, in and outside of the ring. Watch his greatest fights – from his Olympic triumph, battles with Sonny Liston, his fights with Joe Frazier concluding with “The Thrilla in Manila,” and watch him regain his title from George Foremen in the tumultuous “Rumble in the Jungle” in Africa. See Ali’s controversial public stands on hot-button issues, and meet all his Wives and mistresses. Learn why in life, love and boxing – Muhammad Ali is “the greatest.” (90 minutes) FRIDAY, 9:10PM, ALPINE THEATER


Drama. Short narrative, directed by Brigitte Drodtloff (Germany). He is a silent man. He walks the streets, watching, looking for the right place. He finds it. In the middle of a market. He sets up a stand. But instead of selling his goods, the silent man gives them away for free. The other sellers watch. They feel provoked. The situation escalates. They lose control. But in the end… there is hope. (In German, with English subtitles) (11 minutes) FRIDAY, 7:PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Comedy. Feature narrative film, directed by: John Burgess (USA). On a flight home to Chicago for a family wedding, childhood friends Josh & Molly innocently agree to fake a wedding engagement to make Josh’s dying father happy. Things quickly get out of hand with their two boisterous families, and a series of events causes them to pretend to be a couple and start planning a phony wedding. But when the playacting begins to foster real feelings, the two must make some serious decisions! (105 minutes) SUNDAY, 9:55:PM, ALPINE THEATER



Feature documentary, directed by: Tim Wilkerson USA). One cold morning in December of 1982, a man pulled a white panel truck up to the base of the Washington Monument and threatened to blow it up with a thousand pounds of TNT if the government and the press did not dedicate more of its time and resources to the dialogue on nuclear disarmament. In the process he would inspire the longest running public protest against US foreign policy (the grandparents to the ‘Occupy’ movement). (108 minutes) SUNDAY,10:PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Feature documentary film, directed by Glenn Axford (Canada). This film speaks to the therapeutic and energetic qualities of medicinal plants of the forest, field and garden. Reconnecting with the intelligence of the plant kingdom, and our global healing traditions such as Ayurveda, might just be the most rewarding investment we can make – not only for ourselves, but also for our planet, and all future generations. The film is a cinematic mix of nature, music, narration and on-location plant walks covering over 35 healing plants and the holistic philosophy behind their use. Our goal is to empower the viewer with the knowledge that health and vitality can be achieved through integrating the best of both modern and traditional methods. (Invited film) (45 minutes) SUNDAY, NOON, FOOTHILLS NATURE CENTER



Dramedy. Short narrative, directed by Adolfo Martinez Perez (USA). It was a wonderful day, the sun shone, the birds chirped… until the best-friend-asking-for-a-favor-from-hell showed up. What starts as a social drama quickly slips towards over-the-top, surreal comedy. If you feel uncomfortable laughing at no laughing matter, we did our job: your discomfort is our pleasure! (11 minutes) SATURDAY, 9:10PM, ALPINE THEATER



Short documentary trailer, directed by Bo Boudart (USA). The Native American tribes of the Great Plains and Southwest fight back against big business, politics, & dirty energy technology, and struggle to re-establish traditional and modern green economies on their reservations. The director states, “I hope that those who see Power Paths will see it as an inspiring story of what community groups can do to effect change in their use of energy and where it comes from. We want audiences to understand that there are human and environmental impacts that result from society’s choices of its energy use. This documentary shows how individuals and communities must participate in the way we use and choose energy. “ (5 minutes) FRIDAY, 8:05PM, ALPINE THEATER


2larPRIMA (Part III)

Dance film, directed byTatyana Bronstein (USA). ‘Prima’ is a portrait of Larissa Ponomarenko, Prima Ballerina of the Boston Ballet. Through flashbacks to her journey from the childhood and difficult training in Russia, to her emergence as the prima ballerina of the Boston Ballet, the film captures the vitality and beauty of her dance. It is a story of hard work and determination, of devotion to the arts, and of an extraordinary dancer’s transition from the stage, to her new life as mentor for aspiring dancers who follow in her footsteps. Her body language tells her deep personal story in a most beautiful and unconventional manner. (20 minutes) SATURDAY, 10:45PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Feature documentary, directed by Ally Acker (USA). The untold herstory of the women behind the scenes who changed the course of cinema. Hosted by Jodie Foster. (60 minutes) SATURDAY, 10:40PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Music video, directed by Marcos Villaseñor (UK). Exercise like it’s 1984! At the Star Fitness gym, people not only train to get fit like their idols: they actually become them. And so, Alan, mastermind behind The Van Houtens, joins an aerobics class hoping to be Robert Downey Jr., his idol.(4 minutes) SATURDAY, 8:PM, ALPINE THEATER



Drama. Short film, directed by Brent Ryan Green (USA). A high school cross-country long-distance running star, growing up in a Native American community, faces a barrage of personal struggles the day before the most important race of his life. (25 minutes) FRIDAY, 7:PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Short documentary, directed by Zhang Tao. (China). Traditional wooden beam scales were the essential tool of all Chinese market vendors, traders, and hawkers for more than one thousand years. In 1994, the Chinese government passed laws to restrict their use, and they have now been almost universally replaced by digital scales. Lao Sun has been making these traditional Chinese for more than sixty years, a skill passed down through his family over several generations. However, he has been unable to find an apprentice. The life of this highly skilled artisan’s livelihood and skill sets is threatened by new China’s new technologies. He reflects on the life lessons of his trade, and decides to make one last pair of scales for an old friend, in this visually arresting film. (In Mandarin, with English subtitles) (8 minutes) SUNDAY, 6:55PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Short documentary, directed by Jonathan Pezza (USA). String Theory follows the lives of three singer-songwriters struggling to survive and find their voices on the gritty streets of Los Angeles. These three strangers are unknowingly connected, and as these three stories spiral and intertwine, connected by the characters’ love and need for music, their lives intersect for brief moments that will change each one of them forever. (21 minutes) SATURDAY, 10:45PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER


PIC-Butterfly's-DreamTHE BUTTERFLY’S DREAM (Kelebegin Ruyasi)

Drama. Feature narrative film, directed by Yilmaz Erdogan (Turkey). The Butterfly’s Dream centers on two young poets in the 1940’s of Turkey who make a bet on a pretty girl. Whoever’s poem the girl likes will win, and the other will step aside. The poets, however, have to deal with other problems like disease, poverty, compulsory work in the mines and World War II, in the meantime. As the story unravels, the poets travel in search of happiness. Is it the optimist who’s bravest or the pessimist who will win the girl’s heart? This visually luxurious and compelling production rivals the best work of Martin Scorsese. (In Turkish, with English subtitles) (124 minutes) FRIDAY, 8:10PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Drama. Short narrative film, directed by Mahmoud Shoolizadeh (USA). A recent combat veteran, whose life is falling apart, unexpectedly faces her past, and it’s not what she thought. This is a touching & emotional film about a US combat veteran, wife & mother, who comes home from war-torn Iraq with PTSD and struggles to resume a normal life. (32 minutes) SATURDAY, 6:45PM, ALPINE THEATER 



Animation film, directed by Damon Mohl (USA). A disgruntled toy diver is carelessly tossed into a pond by a kid, where he initially enjoys his freedom & underwater life, but is soon missing his friends in the toy-box, and endeavors to return to them. An allegorical tale of redemption in gorgeous, unique animation art. (Invited film) (14 minutes) SATURDAY, 9:10PM, ALPINE THEATER



Animation, Directed by Damon Mohl (Colorado). A highly imaginative visual journey into a strange microscopic world, The Dust Machine is a poetic expressionistic meditation on absurd technological eras of exploration, isolation and communication. (Invited film ) (14 minutes) SATURDAY, 10:45PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Comedy, short narrative, directed by Todd Slawsby USA). Finding a mysterious storybook, Liam convinces his mother to read it to him and his sister, Lyla. The book tells of ‘The Heebie-Jeebies’, ancient monsters rumored to appear in the night and drag children and their parents into their own nightmares. Sent to brush their teeth, the children tease each other, trying to convince themselves that the Heebie-Jeebies will come for their sibling and not for them. But, as they ready themselves for bed, the children will soon discover: something terrifying is under their beds, become convinced they have monsters under their beds. They just may be right… (10 minutes) SATURDAY, 8:PM, ALPINE THEATER



Animation film, Directed by: Chris Perry  (US). In the middle of a dry, desolate landscape stands Tower 37: a shimmering water processing station, siphoning every last drop of water from a once-pristine lake. Day in and day out the station’s lone steward monitors the tower’s activities, never realizing that Tower 37 is slowly destroying an entire ecosystem. But when two unexpected guests arrive, the tower’s operator learns the high cost of his ignorance. ‘The Incident at Tower 37’ leverages the power of allegory and the beauty of computer animation to foster a debate about the ownership, use, and exhaustion of natural resources. ~ 5 minutes FRIDAY, 8:40PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER 



Comedy. Short film for kids, directed by Mark Cabaroy (USA). The Invaders is a live action sci fi comedy web-series which chronicles the adventures of eight year old Angie Martinez and her babysitter Beth Adleman as they attempt repel an alien invasion of Earth from all powerful, unseen, other worldly beings. With the help of her teddy bear, Mr. Snuggles, a cardboard space ship Angie has made out of a discarded refrigerator appliance box and her homemade laser gun she will wage war against impossible odds with the fate of the world in the balance. This is the pilot episode. (7 minutes) SATURDAY, 7:50PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Music video, directed by Bouha Kazmi (UK). The Ramona Flowers perform ‘Tokyo’ in this epic, surrealistic story of a boy’s strange journey into the unknown, where he encounters a ménage of elegantly masked women who dance to enchant his young mind. (6 minutes) FRIDAY, 7:PM, COLUMBINE THEATER 



Feature documentary, directed by Doria Bramante & Markus Weinfurter (USA). After being torn from paradise and surviving twenty long years in refugee camps, the Kingdom of Bhutan’s forgotten exiles abandon hopes of returning home and seek a future in a far off place called America. In the shadow of the remote Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan’s lofty ideal of Gross National Happiness hide 107,000 refugees, who were pushed out of their country as their peaceful kingdom turned against them. After twenty years living in bamboo huts and barbed wire encampments in Nepal; the ‘Refugees of Shangri-la’ break a solution-less cycle and brave a new course, to seek a future in America. (56 minutes) FRIDAY, 10:55PM, ALPINE THEATER 



Short documentary, directed by Marcos Villaseñor (UK). A film about the terrible difficulties of homeless people, in the US and around the world, in accessing shelter for themselves and their families. (4 minutes) SUNDAY, 6:55PM, COLUMBINE



Drama. Sort narrative, directed by Monish Gangwani (USA). In this lyrically haunting film, a young man vacillates between success and self-destruction, until he faces the truth of who he really is, and claims his destiny. (8 minutes) SATURDAY, 9:30PM, COLUMBINE THEATER


WIND FISHERMAN 1THE WIND FISHERMAN, short film, directed by Anna McRoberts, 12 minutes (USA). The Windfisherman lives in the windiest little town in the world, where he “fishes” for things that have blown away, and returns them to their rightful owners. His father, grandfather, great-grandfather & even great-great grandfather before him were all the town’s Windfishermen, but even though it is in his blood, it’s not in his heart, at least not until he learns one of life’s most valuable lessons, in this beautifully-filmed allegorical tale. ~12 minutes FRIDAY, 8:40PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Animation, directed by Lexie & Nick Trivundza USA) One evening, a traveler knocked upon the door of three brothers. Asking for a place to stay, as he has nowhere else to go, he offers them his magic talisman for payment in exchange for room and board to come in out of the pouring rain. What the brothers learn is that the talisman is capable of granting three wishes. But be careful what you wish for! (4 minutes) SUNDAY, 6:55PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Drama. Short narrative film for kids, directed by 15 year-old filmmaker, Joshua Orvalle (USA). What goes through one’s mind in the two-and-a-quarter minutes it takes on average for someone to drown? (7 minutes) SATURDAY, 7:50PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Drama. Feature narrative film, directed by: Sameh Zoabi (Palestinian Territories).The film is set in the near future. It is the highly dramatic story of two businessmen, Shaul Cohen, an Israeli, and Nizar Ahmad, a Palestinian. They set out to make money and wind up making peace. They must deal with strong opposition to their working together and overcome the hostility from people around them as they work together to set up a solar energy company. But they recognize that their business will have little chance of success without peace between the two countries. Under The Same Sun is a contemporary parable set in the Middle East that puts forth the notion that people who have historically seen one another as enemies can work together peacefully and productively for the common good. (In Arabic & Hebrew, with English subtitles) (75 minutes) FRIDAY, 10:25PM, COLUMBINE THEATER 



Animation, directed by: James Zachary (USA) Unplugged is about a boy who dares to break free from the confines of his technological dependencies and risks it all to discover something better, something “real”. It is a story about getting rewarded beyond your wildest imagination if you take a chance, take a risk, and step out of your daily grind. If you do that, if you listen to your calling, you will discover something truly amazing. (6 minutes) SUNDAY, 6:55PM, COLUMBINE THEATER



Drama, short film, Directed by Courtney Harmstone (USA). Mira, a Muslim-American teenager, has been invited to her first house party by her popular best friend. Excited to have the chance to impress her crush, David, and to finally fit in, Mira lies to her family about going to the party. While there, Mira feels pressured to adopt the customs of her schoolmates and removes her veil. This may help her fit in, but is that what she really wants? (9 minutes) SATURDAY, 6:45PM, ALPINE THEATER



Feature documentary, directed by: Alex Oliver (USA). Launching from the banks of the Tennessee River in downtown Knoxville, follow the wild adventures of a group of friends as they embark on a 1,000 mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico. Comprised of filmmakers, athletes, and musicians, the crew of 16 set out to gain a new perspective from the ageless wisdom of the river. The film briefly examines the consequences of a society fallen victim to routine, while encouraging the viewer to embrace the rich abundance of life waiting for those who follow their passions. (100 minutes) FRIDAY, 10:05PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Feature documentary, directed & produced by Bo Boudart & Wanda Culp (USA). Worlds collide in the lush, deep North American rainforest, the Tongass Forest, when the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act turns native tribes into corporations and sparks a lengthy logging frenzy that threatens to destroy both the forest environment and the ancient traditional way of life. This story of division and redemption plays out between a Tlingit brother and sister, a commercially-minded politician who wants to raise his people from poverty & a strong woman wanting to preserve the forest & her peoples’ traditions, and depicting the ultimate healing of family, the forest and the native community. (63 minutes) FRIDAY, 6:50PM, ALPINE THEATER 



Drama/comedy, short narrative, directed by Friederike Hoppe (Germany). A unique garden is a place where people can go on holidays from their everyday life, and become child-like again, playing children’s games, dressing up, and acting out, as they wish, in this surreal spoof. (10 minutes) . (In German, with English subtitles) SATURDAY, 9:10PM, ALPINE THEATER



Feature documentary, directed by Regina Russell (USA). An odyssey about the rise, fall and resurrection of an 80’s metal band. The career of Frankie Banali, drummer of Quiet Riot, took a major sideswipe when his singer and best friend Kevin DuBrow died in 2007. In 2010 and at a cross roads in his life, Banali has to forge ahead and make a new life for himself and his daughter. At times both utterly tragic, and downright hilarious, the film follows him going through the emotional feat of trying to fill the void left by Kevin and get the band back together one more time. (110 minutes) SUNDAY, 9:55PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Drama. Short narrative, directed by Mike Garrick (Australia). What if you could change your life, would you be prepared to face the consequences? A coming-of-age story about a talented young man born with cerebral palsy, as seen through the eyes of his mother, as she reflects on what her son’s life would have otherwise been if he were born as a ‘normal’ child. (10 minutes) FRIDAY, 7:PM, ALPINE THEATER



Feature documentary, directed by Paul Lynch (USA). A poignant & visually stunning film following the inspiring journey of orphan genocide survivors finding purpose through selfless acts of healing and inspiring others. (77 minutes) SUNDAY, 8:30PM, EXECUTIVE BOARDROOM THEATER



Drama. Short narrative, directed by Vangelis Maderakis (Greece). An elderly Greek man ponders his long and passionate life as a peasant boy at the turn of the century in Greece. Old Petros relates his unique, Zorba-esque tale of an undying love for his late wife; a tale of incredible, mystical adventures, a poignant quest for life lived to the fullest, and a venture into the realms of the impossible. Petros’ young wife, a strong-willed woman, is the equal to his story, and the tale becomes hers, too. Screenplay by Elizabeth English. (18 minutes) (in Greek, with English subtitles) (Invited film) SATURDAY, 9:30PM, COLUMBINE THEATER


YOUR PLACE? (Zu dir?)

Dramedy. Short narrative, directed by Sylvia Bussmann (Germany). Freya is dancing in a club. Accidentally she falls into the arms of a young man, Max. Without a word they start dancing together. The only language they need is dance. When the club turns off the music they feel as if they’ve been thrown back into cold reality. Outside the club he asks her ‘My place or yours?’ (In German, with English subtitles) (29 minutes) SATURDAY, 8:PM, ALPINE THEATER

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