Moondaners Write Us: The Halperins

Uncategorized by Elizabeth English

“We have had a long relationship working together with the Moondance International Film Festival to assist films and filmmakers in giving their voices and stories a wide international audience and a broader life. You have chosen films that have made my job of promotion easier to talk about in the media, and it has always been my intention to put a light on subjects that can enrich and enlighten. This year you screened films about  “Our Common Roots,” which shows us how to improve our health and well being from wild plants in nature; films with stories about families like “A Fish Story,” and “Dovid Meyer,” two uplifting films about faith and overcoming tragedy, “We Are Voices for a Future Without Genocide,” a feature-length music video, and “Paper,” a short narrative film which opens the question of “what would you do?” to survive abuse/poverty. Thank you for asking to again show films we have worked with through the years, such as “Little Dancer,” “Zen Noir,” and “Punk Love,” which were all award winners that went on from Moondance to have lives in theaters or to kick off a career. It is a joy to work with these talented filmmakers, and we are so grateful at Magic Lamp Releasing, and now Global Film Village, Inc. to be a part of your moving forward.”

~ Marla & Marc Halperin