Moondance 2018 Selected Films!


Congratulations to all 2018 Moondance winners, finalists and semi-finalists! 



Download the laurel or laurels for which you are eligible in the above link.

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IMPORTANT REMINDER: As first announced in March, then again in July & August, and due to circumstances beyond our control, the 2018 Moondance will not have a theatrical venue this season. All winning & selected films will be screened at our private viewing room site. 


Our long-time partner,, offers each year to give a prize of a free listing to a few selected Moondance winning screenplays. You will receive an email from, if your script is selected, about how to list your work on their site for producers to see.


“I am very happy to have received a finalist and semi-finalist award for my short stories. Thank you!” ~ Sharon Burtner

“Thank you so much for the film score award! I was wondering, would it be possible to change my country from USA to Brunei? When I submitted my piece for the film scoring competition, I used my US address because I currently work and live in Los Angeles. I am a citizen of Brunei and would love to be able to represent my country!” ~ Aisyah Zulkarnain

“I’m so excited to see that “Crisis Center” is one of TV Pilot Winners. THANK YOU! Please let me know if anyone requests the script. Thanks again for being so supportive of my work!” ~ Jan Stanton

“I saw on the festival site that THIS CLOSE had been selected as a winner in the feature script contest for 2018. Thank you for the honor. Thanks again for appreciation of this story…” ~Randy Steinberg

“I was thrilled to see we made it to finalist with “The Millionaire Monk”. Awesome! Anyway, glad you and your team liked it enough and we are pushing forward marketing the script.Thank you again and many blessings.” ~ Sky Canyon

“Thank you so much for selecting our feature film “1 1/2 Days” as a finalist for the 2018 Moondance Festival.  If selected to be screened, this will be our world premiere! Cheers from Juneau, Alaska,” ~ Greg Chaney 

“My huge thanks and appreciation;  to you and to Moondance for placing my script Mooncurser as one of the winners for the feature script competition! I’m so excited, happy and proud to have done well, especially in a festival that has such an uplifting ethos and spiritual message.” ~ Leia Vogelle

“We would love for our film to be hosted by Moondance online. Again, we are all so thrilled to win Best Short Film, The Great Escape. Many thanks from all of us!” ~ Shelagh McLeod

“I want to thank you so much for including my film, The Sleeping Beauty, in last year’s line up and for all your support. It’s just been such a pleasure to have people watch it and get in touch saying that they’ve enjoyed it. I’ve been making some more in the series and would love to enter them into next year’s festival once they are finished!” ~ Fabio D’Andrea

“I wanted to write to say how exciting it is to be a winner for my screenplay The Electric Virgin. I very much admire the mission of your festival and your passion.” ~ Bethany Jacobson

“Thank you for the great news. I do appreciate it.It would be a great honor to participate at the festival.” ~ Ali Ghiasvand

“Thanks so much for including Polly! That’s so exciting – I always aimed for the film to be a part of your festival, so thanks so much.” ~  Cassiah Joski-Jethi

“I’m honored and excited that my screenplay, The Superb Lyrebird and Other Creaturehas been chosen to receive the Spirit of Moondance screenplay award!” ~ Wendy Young

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