Making a Great Promotional Film Trailer

by Elizabeth English


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By Elizabeth English

  • Do you want to have a really good 2-3-minute trailer to send to producers, studios, and/or film festival competitions, for your website & in social media ?
  • Haven’t quite finished post on your film yet, but want to promote it now and/or solicit funding for your film?

Great trailers are in a special class of their own; little polished gems that showcase your film, and make people want to see more! But film trailers can be more difficult to make really well than the entire film, itself.  It can be more time-consuming, judicious editing must be a main concern, you have to tell the main story, theme & concept quickly, harder scene decisions need to be made, and you need to sell your film in less than three minutes.

Can you tell the main story, introduce the lead characters, show the main conflict, and give the viewer a visual, memorable impression OF THE STORY & CHARACTERS in three minutes? And, remember, you need to hook the viewer in the first few seconds! You probably don’t even have a full 3 minutes to do the job, unless the first 30-60 seconds are fantastic.

You need to know how to turn your great story into a great 2-3-minute (or less) trailer. There is and always has been only one real secret to success in the entertainment industry. Tell a great story. Period. And you need to figure out how to tell that fabulous story in only two to three minutes or less! READ MORE HERE!