Photo by Clark Little

Being fearless & bold, Moondance is a unique film festival where monotonous conformity is considered mediocrity, and extravagant individualism, innovation, and experimentation is encouraged, awarded and applauded!

True to the spirit of the best of important and meaningful films, professional workshops & seminars, pitch-panels, networking events, and so on, Moondance is supported and attended by those people who value the best in quality films, as well as the Moondance mission, and share a passion for the power of great films to entertain, inspire, encourage, educate and challenge peoples’ perceptions.

 Moondancers are part of an amazing worldwide community; a unique collaboration of multi-talented writers, film score composers and filmmakers. The Moondance mission is to entertain, inform, inspire, encourage and educate. We honor those artists who, through their creative work, actively increase awareness, provide multiple viewpoints, address complex social issues, and strengthen ties between international audiences At Moondance, you can come together with other writers, directors and producers to create new opportunities, develop tools for success and forge new alliances within the international film and entertainment industry.

“The uniqueness and integrity of The Moondance International Film Festival brand, its global reputation for the highest quality, as well as its important mission and goals, and now celebrating our 15th season, is a rare and unmatchable asset. Talented filmmakers, writers and composers from around the world submit their work to the annual Moondance competition; enthusiastic audiences attend the film festival’s screenings of the best indie films, its professional workshops and popular networking events; and sponsors, in-kind donors and friends of Moondance contribute financially to its continuing success, helping the festival to grow and thrive. I am sincerely grateful for this ongoing support! ” 

 ~ Elizabeth English, Moondance Founder & Executive Director