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Order form for .pdf 2019 Award Certificates of Competition Status (Winner, Finalist or Semi-finalist), suitable for printing & framing, is available HERE, until October 31st:



LAURELS: Congratulations to all the 2019 Moondance winners, finalists & semi-finalists!

You can find laurels to download for your status in the 2019 contest by clicking the laurel image above. 

These 12 Selected 2019 winning writers have been selected to post their winning 2019 script on Moondance’s longtime sponsor inktip.com website for free:

  • Avenging Angels by Jennifer Phillips
  • Cottage for Rent: Body Optional by Sable Jak
  • DYLAN by Dianne Lynn Gardner
  • I Am Antigone by Saudamini Siegrist
  • Maria Isabella Silvalessa by Hunter Ridgway
  • Mustang by Gordon Phipps
  • Nina Karenina by Gordon Phipps
  • The Beneficials – Heroes of the Soil by Paul Piccirillo
  • The Goblins & the Gravedigger by Kenny Chumbley
  • The Mountains Girls & Master’s Daughter by Amridin Saidibrokhimov
  • The Night Witches by Steven Prowse
  • Tweet by Victoria Morris

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“I love this fest. This is the second time we’ve been selected and won. They are so warm and hospitable and definitely have a wonderful purpose. I highly recommend Moondance.” ~ D. L. Gardner

Moondance… does any other festival have a better name? I’m honored that you chose The Real Thing as a feature screenplay Finalist.” ~ Matthew Papadopoulos

“I wanted to thank Elizabeth English who runs this festival. She took the time to speak with me about my work and provided valuable feedback for improvements. That’s very rare to get a one-on-one.” ~ Jennifer Phillips

“Hello, Elizabeth and your wonderful team at the Moondance Intl. Film Festival, I’d like to take this initiative to thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity to bring our film, AFREEN, to your prestigious film festival. We are truly overwhelmed, obliged, thankful, and we could have not done this without your encouragement and support.” ~ Nicole

“We are very excited and deeply proud to be one of the winners of this year’s Moondance Film Festival.  This festival is particularly important to me as a woman who believes in using my art for activism. I have done a significant amount of pro bonowork over the past three years in this extremely challenging political climate. Thank you so much for all you do and for recognizing our film, BEFORE IT WAS TRUE. We are honored!” ~ Dana Offenbach

“The Moondance Festival is special in many ways. A festival with a long history, it does not advertise itself too much, and yet it is creative and intimate.Thanks to Elizabeth and her staff.”~ Julia Deak

“I just reviewed all the award winners for the 2019 Moondance, and am writing to send you my gratitude and love to you for providing such a wonderful opportunity for nobodies like me to get noticed. I have been so touched by your kindness in every note you’ve sent me. Count me among your chief admirers; it is a privilege to know you. May nothing but goodness come your way.” ~ Kenneth L. Chumbly

“Congratulations on another successful year. Thank you kindly for allowing me to be a part of it. Three’s Company Two is my first stage play and I am thrilled to be one of the semi-finalist. Thank you again for everything. Until the next time.” ~ Robert J. Morgalo

“So thrilled! Thank you so much for the win with Cottage for Rent. Let’s hope it gets picked up for a real TV show!” ~ Sable Jak

“Yours is a lovely festival with the best name out there…” ~ Matthew Papadopoulos

“I feel so grateful, affirmed, and excited by the short story category recognition this year. “Remembrance” was also selected as a quarterfinalist in the Screencraft Cinematic Short Story category; I’m wondering if this isn’t a message from the universe, telling me to adapt it into a short screenplay. I’ve spread the word to fellow Zoetropers (and Facebook friends) to start polishing up their work to submit, once your next contest period opens.” ~ Helen Beer

“Thank you for putting together such a worthwhile film festival, and running it beyond and above the professional level that I have experienced in other festivals. Sincerely” ~ Georgette Alfred

“Thank you so much for considering my film and my film went up to semifinalist. Truly amazing festival for independent film makers.” ~ AAA Productions UK

“My deepest heartfelt thank you to the Moondance Team. I am honored to be included in this great festival celebrating such stunning abilities in the art of expression.” ~ Renee Rubio

“It was an honour to have The Paper Boat selected as a Semi Finalist for Film Score. Although my participation was only online, Elizabeth English was personable and the experience valuable.~  Rachele Wildmare

“I’m thrilled my narrative feature “Prince Harming” was selected as semi-finalist by this wonderful festival. When I had questions, Elizabeth English got back to me right away and was very helpful.. As a result of being chosen I’ve gotten some great industry connections already and can’t wait to see what’s next!” ~ Marianne Hettinger

“Glad and proud to be part of it.” ~ Guido Maria Giordano

“Great festival, thank you for treating us so well!” ~ Russell Emanuel

“This is a wonderful festival I was proud to be part of it. Many thanks for everything.” ~ Michael Madden

“I was honored by having Moondance choose my movie. “Communication” was personal and extremely useful. All in all, I’m glad that I could participate in this special festival.” ~ Julia Deak

“Thank you to the Moondance Festival for providing opportunities for women writers and filmmakers. We were honoured that our short film “Honestly Charlotte” achieved semi-finalist status!” ~ Stevie Jackson

“Founder/Director Elizabeth English is passionate, tireless and a great communicator!” ~ Jan Stanton

“Very professional group of people with a great vision for filmmakers.” ~ James Carrroll

Very well organized and timely information.” ~ John McCarney