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To quote the late film critic, Roger Ebert, “See you at the movies!”  


GAME: short film, director: Jeannie Donohoe (USA) 16 minutes. The director is also a former Moondance short film winner, for “Lambing Season”. She was selected from over 4,600 applicants to write and direct “Game” for Lexus Short Films. GAME is a story about going all the way, pursuing your dreams, and playing at the top of your game.  AJ doesn’t see herself as a girl basketball player. She sees herself as a basketball player. She asks the world to do the same. The relationship between Coach and AJ, over the course of this short film, speaks to the willingness to reward ambition, hard work, and equal talent with equal opportunities.


LEARNING TO DRIVE: short film, director: Roderick Stevens (USA) 19 minutes. Inspired by the true story of a feisty young man with Down syndrome, determined to become independent and to convince his scatterbrained brother to teach him how to drive.


KOSNIN: short film, director: Sara Seligman (USA) 12 minutes. 10-year old Héctor wants to ‘fly,’ like the voladores in his community. His single mother can’t afford the costs, but Héctor is determined to achieve his dream, and through hard work and a little help, sets out to do what others in his community have done for generations – FLY!


TOGETHER AS THE WIND BLOWS: music video, director: Jose Manalang (Japan) 6 minutes. This is a vibrant music video about the plight of talented Filipino workers searching for respect, equality and greener pastures abroad.


HANOOZ NA (NOT YET): short film, director: Arian Vazirdaftari (Iran) 15 minutes. It`s 21 year-old Hasti’s Birthday. She studies abroad and her parents in Iran want to congratulate her via Skype. But…well, you can imagine what happens, when the old world meets the new world.



LE PASSÉ DEVANT NOUS (PAST IMPERFECT), feature film, director: Nathalie Teirlinck (Belgium) 110 minutes. When Alice’s ex-boyfriend dies in a car accident, she’s unexpectedly confronted with her six-year-old son, whom she had abandoned at birth. His presence not only threatens her routine existence as a high-priced escort but also exposes strongly suppressed emotions. Doubt strikes again. Will she be able to be a mother, this time?



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Excerpts from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)

Film festivals are a vital piece of the film ecosystem, and their impact is evident across our culture. Film festivals highlight the worldwide passion of cinema and showcase the value of film, both creatively and economically. More than anything, film festivals deliver a new, unique way to experience the movies, always driven by the power of a good story.

A platform for new talent:
 Each year, filmmakers submit their creations to a range of film festivals in the hopes of getting their work premiered. If a film attracts the attention of festival curators, an independent creator could have their work showcased in front of an influential audience. Film festivals have helped open doors for many of today’s iconic filmmakers including Quentin Tarantino, Morgan Spurlock and Darren Aronofsky.

Attracting new audiences:
 When a new or independent filmmaker brings a film to a festival, the viewers have the opportunity to connect with the story through experiencing the film firsthand. This process can give the filmmaker insights and even unlock new avenues for the film with producers, distributors, and others who can bring it to a wider audience. READ MORE HERE!


Discover how to: enhance the narrative momentum in your screenplay, stylize your script in a way that keeps the narrative moving, open your story in a way that generates instant momentum and audience investment, create a sense of inevitability in your screenplay, utilize the importance of cause and effect and conflict in narrative, and the importance of tailoring specific characters & dialog to the story, as well as structuring each scene so as to build or maintain a vital sense of story progression, and to keeping your story perpetually engaging.


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• “Thank you so much for everything…and for your talk with the producers. We all really appreciate your support of the film (and my previous film) and all of the exposure it will receive through Moondance and the award!  It’s a great honor. Thank you!!” ~ Jeannie Donohoe, director: (“GAME” won the 2017 Moondance, and her “LAMBING SEASON” is another previous Moondance Winner)

• “I want you to know that I have huge respect for your film festival and I’m so grateful for the selection of my film. I’m so supportive of your mission as a festival and want to contribute, if possible, even if in some small way.” ~ Jenna Cavelle, director, “OPEN SEASON” a Moondance 2017 winning short narrative film.

We are truly honored, especially given the reputation and prestige of the Moondance international film Festival and its wonderful mission of peaceful resolution and unity. Thank you again so much for your support and encouragement.” ~ Kemmy Moran, director, web series pilot 2017 winner, “Beverly Hills Ghost”


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