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“My overall impression while attending the 2001 Moondance film festival, in such a beautiful location,
 and while speaking with other participants at the various film screenings, networking parties, and workshops, was one of enthusiasm, inspiration, and professionalism. In short, I loved it!” ~ Dr. Olga Rojer, professor of film studies, American University

“The Moondance International Film Festival is well known for offering the best venue to raise awareness of social issues through films and showcasing talented international independent social impact filmmakers’ works to audiences. We believe that your organization has a very good potential to share this important message to our global audiences who love social impact films as well as support social and environmental change.” ~ Michelle Lam, Founder of Visiomi.com

As independent, first-time filmmakers, we love the festival’s mission to entertain, to inform, to inspire, to encourage and to educate.” ~ Ben Prawer and Jesse Swedlund

“My first documentary film was accepted and won at your festival several years ago. It went on to win several other awards, also. It was such a surprise, and meant so much to me at the time. It gave me the courage to continue to produce documentaries, and helped me define my career in filmmaking.” ~ Becky McMillen

“Thank you for all you do for the writing community, not just film. As a three-time award recipient in the audio drama division I am always proud to point out to people the value Moondance places on writers in all genres.” ~ Sable Jak

“One of the things I liked about Moondance is your investment not only in the festival itself, but in helping filmmakers get through industry doors. As a woman director, the added hurdles I face daily can feel insurmountable, and your work keeps women like me going.” ~ Ela Their

 “It is really an honor for writers living across the world to participate in this distinguished competition of yours which values the principles of Mahatma Gandhi…” ~ Dhiraj Bakshi, India

 “Very professional group of people with a great vision for filmmakers.” ~ James Carroll



“I highly recommend the contest to any aspiring artist! As a Short Screenplay Finalist in 2002, not only did I receive a request to read my script, but with Elizabeth’s guidance and encouragement, I gained the confidence to tackle the writing of a feature length screenplay. It’s been an amazing ride. I’ve had dozens of requests for my script.” – Bonnie Maffei

“Fine festival for screenwriters. Good and timely communication make this a recommended festival for screenwriters, both new and experienced.” ~ Jim Norman

“At a time when too many movies glamorize or trivialize violence, Moondance stands out by awarding the Columbine award to scripts and movies with a good story about exceptional and compelling characters who want to make the world better, against seemingly impossible odds, and who employ a variety of nonviolent means to do so.” ~ Arthur Kanegis

“We were thrilled with everyone at Moondance including its founder, Elizabeth English. We flew to LA to attend the festival at Raleigh Studios. We received our awards and framed them. We were able to hand the script to a WGA agent at Moondance. Our script was requested by a production company who will be co-producing a handful of films for a well-known distributor. We have the script with a management company and some other production companies. Everything was superb. Great time, great memories!” – Colleen McQuaide

“Being one of the Moondance Columbine Best Feature Screenplay winners has provided me with a little more clout. Acknowledgement like that definitely encourages one to keep on pursuing the dream. In my opinion, a grand prize like this is far better than winning some cash, especially if one obtains representation and/or sells their screenplay.” ~ John Alarid

“I am so grateful for the support you have given me with my screenwriting over the years.  You helped to give me the confidence to believe that I could write and tell stories.” ~ Sally Sutherland


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Moondance International Film Festival Screenings dates: September 2017

The Moondance International Film Festival, featuring its distinct cinematic visions and bold film selections, has distinguished itself around the world as much more than an annual film festival! The Moondance is a unique community, a supportive, productive, and creative year-round collaboration between independent filmmakers and movie audiences, between writers, composers and the world of top-quality filmed entertainment.

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