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Moondance and Women in Film, Writing and Music

By Elizabeth English
Now it’s your turn! You can settle for someone else’s vision of the world, or you can bravely embark upon a journey of your own. Moondance is about inspiration, encouragement, collaboration, stimulating self-confidence, learning new ways of perception and creative expression, and cultivating a whole new concept of success for women in […]

Making a Great Promotional Trailer

By Elizabeth English
Do you want to have a really good 2-3-minute trailer to send to producers, studios, film festival competitions, for your website & in social media ?
 Haven’t quite finished post on your film yet, but want to promote it now?

Great trailers are in […]

Interview with Elizabeth English

By Mary Case

1. What did you do before you decided to create Moondance?
EE - I was a writer, cartoonist, sculptor, artist, screenwriter and playwright, as well as a theatrical director/producer for about 20 years. I got the screenwriting bug when working as a technical advisor (on Lakota Sioux arts and culture) for Kevin Costner […]