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A SKYTRIBE CHRONICLE, Short multi-media Film, Director, Greg Lauer, (USA) 15 minutes. Director’s statement: Director’s statement: I was flying high on a very successful art career, my paintings selling well, living the artist’s dream in Boulder, Colorado. Filled with daring and replete with connections, I moved to California to hit it big. I did not. Eight months later, after a complete failure-to-launch, and the utter inability to paint, I admitted defeat and let go of my artistic dreams and aspirations. Clawing my way back to Colorado, trying to escape the nightmare of California, my vehicle broke down twice on the Nevada border and I gave up. Out of the ashes of self-defeat, stranded in café in the desert, a mysterious event occurred, by which the following 20 years of art-making were completely inspired.”


LE PASSÉ DEVANT NOUS (PAST IMPERFECT), feature film, director: Nathalie Teirlinck (Belgium) 110 minutes. When Alice’s ex-boyfriend dies in a car accident, she’s unexpectedly confronted with her six-year-old son, whom she had abandoned at birth. His presence not only threatens her routine existence as a high-priced escort but also exposes strongly suppressed emotions. Doubt strikes again. Will she be able to be a mother, this time? *This film seems to be the 2017 Audience Favorite, based on number of plays on Vimeo!


THINK FAST, short film, director: Bridget Stokes (US) 12 minutes. The film tells the story of a powerful woman, constantly surrounded by oppositional forces, who manages to dig deep and find the grit it takes to persevere. But what happens when everything you’ve worked for is suddenly ripped apart by a ringing phone? In Sara Wagner’s case, all hell breaks loose. Then RING! Sara answers, but It’s a desperate Wrong Number Caller who misdialed a suicide hotline! A ready-to-jump teen on speaker, and a ticking clock. It’s now or never, if Sara must save a life to save her career, and she’s got to THINK FAST!


ORIGIN, feature documentary film, director: Mary Jo Ramsey-Smith (USA) 57 minutes. Exploring the perils of the ever-expanding human presence on the planet. Seeking transformative ways to change the way we think/speak/act toward one another … and this world. ORIGIN is an exploration based on the work of philosopher Jean Gebser in The Ever-Present Origin.

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TEHRAN, Oct. 11 (MNA) – Iranian 3D animated piece ‘Light Sight’ directed by Moslem Tabatabaee has won eight international awards from its recent screenings in festivals in UK, US, India, and Bosnia. The 3D animation also scooped best animation awards at the 18th Moondance International Film Festival on Sep. 15 in the US. (Mehr News, Iran)



THINK FAST, a “will she-won’t she” black comedy about a driven businesswoman who must choose to either hang-up on a wrong-number suicidal hotline caller — or commit career suicide by missing a deal deadline, will be a featured short at the 13th Annual LA Femme International Film Festival in downtown Los Angeles, Oct. 19-22. Written and executive produced by Jan Stanton and directed by Bridget Stokes, THINK FAST had its L.A. premiere at LA Shorts International Film Festival earlier this year, and also competed at the Vail Film Festival; it has also been selected for the SILICON VALLEY International Film Festival in December. The film won an award at the Moondance Film Festival and is about to premiere in Australia at the Sydney Indie Film Festival. (BroadwayWorld)


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“Freedom” by Zenos Frudakis

“I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become.” ~ Carl Jung


“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”~ Anaïs Nin



There are, and have been for generations, many, too many, Harvey Weinsteins in the world, and not just in Hollywood, of course. People who are guilty of rampant sexual harassment, abuse and threats against women & girls; but men and boys need to speak up more, too. Take a hard look at the plethora of news reports from just these 12 industries for a disgusting sample of the kinds of unacceptable treatment victims have been subjected to, (and fearful of speaking up about), in the US and internationally:

  1. Entertainment 
  2. Silicon Valley
  3. Wall Street
  4. Sports
  5. Politics
  6. Church
  7. Media
  8. Law
  9. Medicine
  10. Social Organizations
  11. Education
  12. Military

“What was previously accepted is now untenable to anyone of a certain consciousness.” ~ Quentin Tarantino

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