Movies and television always make the most immediate and lastingimpact on audiences; more so than books, lectures, conferences, sermons, seminars, or articles in newspapers and magazines, etc. Therefore, an investment in this important and meaningful film festival that has a mission and message will make more of a difference in the world, change ingrained perceptions, and encourage and inspire people to take action, more than any other media or efforts, such as donating money directly to a cause. Especially since a large percentage of your generous financial donation to a specific cause actually goes mostly for administrative costs, rather than directly to the people or issues needing to be addressed or impacted, or to peace efforts, or environmental issues, for example.

With this well-respected film festival, we aim to provide multiple viewpoints, address complex social issues, provide a forum for deliberation, and strengthen ties between a wide variety of local, regional, national and international audiences. Our mission is to present vibrant and memorable, accessible, relatable stories on film, which is an ideal means for communication across perceived boundaries of race, culture, place, and situation or circumstance, as well as age and gender.

Invest in the Moondance International Film Festival, become a co-producer, and see your financial support make a lasting difference!
image: www.dreamstime.com

image: www.dreamstime.com

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