Film Festivals are Good Business


Around the world, film festivals are popping up like popcorn in a movie theater!

These festivals are part of an explosion of film festivals all across the US and the world. Why the movie mania? Everybody loves a film festival! Towns and cities, as well as local merchants and individuals, are sponsoring and supporting local film festivals to bring in tourism, promote their town, encourage film production in the area and to realize the myriad of local cultural benefits they bring to the community.

Moondance has a tremendous financial impact on Boulder’s economic development

For the people who live in Boulder, our county or our region, Moondance provides an opportunity for cultural enhancement. And once the festival-goers visit Boulder for the Moondance, they come back. Plus, as an early fall film festival Moondance brings tourism, and money spent on lodging, meals, rental cars and shopping,  during a slower season.

Movies, movie stars, celebrities — and moviemaking — still create that magnetic, even magical aura that has continued to draw many millions of fans to theaters, since the silent-film days of D.W. Griffiths.