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Don’t Walk! Action Tip for Writers  by Elizabeth English

First Impressions: Titles & Loglines  by Elizabeth English

Writing A Movie Script: 21 Things You Should Do To Get Your Screenplay Rejected    by Pinaki Ghosh & Elizabeth English

How To Get An Agent: What Agents Want, (and Don’t Want), to See  by Elizabeth English

So, What’s The Story  by Michele Wallerstein

Creating Character & Characterization in Screenplays  by Elizabeth English

Making a Great Promotional Trailer  by Elizabeth English

The Field of Dreams – Conflict as Metaphor   By Elizabeth English

Subtleties of Subtext: The True Art Of The Writer  By Cheryl O’Brien

Moondance & Women in Film, Writing & Music  By Elizabeth English

Music in Film  by Elizabeth English

Two Brads or Three? Adventures in Judging Screenplay Entries in a Film Festival  by Elizabeth English

Creating Winning Documentary Films  By Joseph & Sandra Consentino & Elizabeth English 

Screenwriting: Insider Info  by Elizabeth English

Pitching Hollywood 2002The Dolphin in the Shark-Pit  by Elizabeth English

Interview with Elizabeth EnglishFounder & Director of the Moondance International Film Festival  by Mary Case

The Making of a Hollywood Film  by Elizabeth English

Radio Plays are Mind-Movies!  by Elizabeth English